The Imperial Cruise
by James Bradley
"A Secret History of Empire and War"

Please take the time to scroll down and see one section of the book, however, I want to place here a quote from the book's Acknowledgements section - page 336:

"Theodore Roosevelt Wrote, "Peace may only come through war."  In my lifetime, the United States has benevolently spent trillions of dollars trying to prove that erroneous notion. In the twentieth century, America extended it's miltary to Aisia. Now it's time to work on the humanitarian links between cultures. For the past ten years, the James Bradley Peace Foundation and Youth For Understanding have sent American students to live with families overseas. Perhaps in the future when we debate whether to fight it out or talk it out, one of these Americans might make a difference.
James Bradley,
September 15, 2009

This has to start with a statement:  "I love America incredibly - so much so that reading this book has at times been limited to as little as 3 pages at a time because it literally has made me nauseous."

OK, Betsy Ross had nothing to do with making the American flag and the Wright brothers were definitely not the first to demonstrate controlled flight, but to think that Teddy Roosevelt could have committed genocide and war crimes seems completely ridiculous.  But it's true.

The book was obtained after being recommended by a great friend who served honorably for years in the military and who's family is known for its research and documentation of military history. He said only that it described America's hypocrisy.  

I'm not but about half way through, but last night did not finish 3 pages.  I don't have the scanner with me so I took photos of 2 of those pages.  Look also at the words captured at the bottom of the first page. This section tells of our invasion of the Philippines in 1902.

Some pages from the book concerning the Philippines: