July 31, 2011:
Do you get 'educational' chain emails sent by your 'friends'?   Well, I do, and thought I'd comment on just this morning's input.

I get them mainly from 3 people.  One is a very religious person from SC, one was almost killed in the Oklahoma bombing, and one is from New Hampshire.

1.  The first today was supposedly written about a 15 year old who evidently found some way to have a prayer at school.  Well, I couldn't read it because it's been forwarded so many times through so many different systems, that it's format is completely messed up.  I'm wondering how many in the chain just kept forwarding it without realizing it was gibberish.

"Since                                  the Pledge of Allegiance
The                                  Lord's Prayer
Are                                  not allowed in most
Public                                  schools anymore
Because                                  the word 'God' is                                  mentioned.....
A                                  kid in   Arizona   wrote                                  the attached
NEW School                                  prayer:   "

2. The second was about “Male Sensitivity”  -  lets leave that one out

3. The third today was “Texas Answer to Welfare” - it was simple – “Get A Job” repeated at least 20 times throughout.  Obviously, this person who wrote it is white, middle to upper class, has not a clue about the economic conditions that exist for blacks, Mexicans, or poor white people – and cares less.  I suggest the anonymous author might read “The Help”, “The Warmth of other Suns”, “A Time to Kill”, and “Hollowing Out the Middle”

4. An email showing how Senator Coburn has 9 trillion ways to balance the budget.  OK – elimination of all the waste and fraud are prevelent.  But my question is if he's done all that research, why does he write an article on it and not get to work – he's a Senator for goodness sake.  Is he asking for permission?  Did he just notice all that waste??  The article is on his web site.  

5.  And to top off the 'educational' emails, one came that actually said “if the Norwegians had guns”...  Now that tops them all.  Typically, know-all Americans, who have 4 times the chance of being killed by a gun, who's gun laws are topics of conversation world-wide, and from where many of the ideas in the killers manefesto originated, actually feels he has the right to tell grieving Norwegians, they need to be more like us....  

Well, it's Sunday morning – lets see the news commentaries this morning – about a country who's congress can't make any decisions on how to control the debt they have and are creating, how to come up with a better revenue system, but who think we owe them a government office.

And tomorrow, I'll get more 'educational' emails - bet on it.


May 17, 2011
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March 14, 2011
Gingrich - for President - ug!
14  Mar  2011 Independent Mail  South Carolina edition   Editorial
Newt still makes news

Gingrich preps for presidential primary

"Rationalization is a rare talent, yet one that seems to be easily developed — even refined and perfected — by those in public life. Take the case of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. The Georgia Republican who crafted Congress’ “Contract with America” will likely be among the crowd seeking favor in the 2012 presidential primary.

To make his case for the nation’s top job, Gingrich, who is married to his third wife, has to mend a few fences smashed during his Washington days, especially with the religious right.

Now there’s nothing in the law against multiple marriages, if that’s your fancy — unless some of the unions overlap. Gingrich’s didn’t. But the relationships that led to marriage? Those did, and rather scandalously.

Gingrich married his high school sweetheart, Jackie, after graduation. It wasn’t a traditional high school romance in that she wasn’t a classmate. She was seven years his senior and his geometry teacher.

Fast forward in Gingrich’s career to the day Jackie was served with the “terms of their divorce.” She was in the hospital recovering from surgery for cervical cancer.

A few months later, he married his second wife, Marianne, a congressional assistant with whom he admitted having an affair during his first marriage.
He’s now married to his third wife, Callista — with whom he acknowledges he had an affair in the mid-1990s, while he was married to Marianne.

And here’s where the rationalization expertise comes into play.

Gingrich said in a recent interview that it wasn’t his fault. It was his “passion for his country” that led to his behavior.

According to Reuters News Service: “There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate,” Gingrich told the Christian Broadcasting Network in an interview this week.

Poor fellow, he was working so hard and was so dedicated to the betterment of America that all of that “passion” spilled over into his personal life.
Improper relationships in the workplace (and we’ll call Congress the workplace even though it seems sometimes that not much work gets done there) are nothing new.

But using one’s passion for the work as an excuse for multiple marital infidelities is a bit of a stretch, even when trying to make nice with straitlaced and deeply religious potential voters.

He did ask for forgiveness, he said, although apparently not from Jackie or Marianne. “I think most people, deep down in their hearts, hope there’s a forgiving God,” he said on CBN’s “The Brody File.”

Gingrich is also proud of what all of these “experiences” have taught him, noting that now that he is 67 and a grandfather (with “wonderful” daughters and “two great sons-in-law” and a “great marriage”), he has “learned an immense amount.”

And the affair with Callista during his marriage to Marianne? It was during the time he was pushing for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair. “There were times I was praying and felt I was doing things that were wrong but I was still doing them,” he told members of Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian group.

Gingrich says the impeachment hearings weren’t about the affair, but rather about whether Clinton had lied about the affair. Otherwise, he said, he would be the last person able to “throw stones.” Nonetheless, he exhibited a pretty good arm.

It’s not his affairs that should give voters’ pause, though. It’s his hypocrisy when trying to court favor.

During the CBN broadcast, when Gingrich was asked to define the qualities of a great president, he said that the public needs to be able to look at a candidate and understand if the candidate shares their values.

So as not to throw stones, we won’t ask the obvious question.

But if a potential candidate is going to put so much stock in character, shouldn’t he —or she — have some?"

Nov. 21, 2010
From: http://www.truth-out.org/the-great-tax-cut-debate-myths-and-facts65294

Democratic Versus Republican Presidents' Economic Indicators

In six major criteria - GDP growth, per capita income growth, job creation, unemployment reduction, inflation reduction and federal deficit reduction - for the ten post-World War II presidencies until Bush, there is a record to track the reality of Democratic versus Republican economic success.


President Obama passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it saved as many as three million jobs. Eight million Americans lost their jobs during the recession that he inherited, but the economy is recovering and has experienced eight consecutive months of private sector job growth.

President Clinton balanced the budget for the first time since 1969. Budget surpluses were expected to total $5.6 trillion between FY 2002 and 2011. Under Clinton, the economy created 23 million jobs.

Lyndon B. Johnson's "Great Society" created robust economic expansion, first in both GDP and personal income growth. He also reduced unemployment from 5.3 percent to 3.4 percent. Economic growth remained robust through most of LBJ's presidency.

JFK campaigned on the idea of getting America moving again and he did. Under Kennedy, America entered its largest sustained expansion since World War II. GDP and personal income growth were second only to Johnson, all with minimal inflation. Republicans portray the Bush tax cuts as similar to JFK's. That is a poor analogy. Kennedy cut the top tax rate from an exorbitant 91 percent to 70 percent. In contrast, Bush cut the top tax rate from a historically low 39.6 percent to 35 percent. By increasing enforcement and cracking down on loopholes, including the use of foreign subsidiaries for tax evasion, Kennedy increased government revenue. On the other hand, the Bush rich tax cuts will cost the nation $700 billion dollars in government revenue, and Republicans are fighting limiting outsourcing and foreign loopholes. In part due to a smart taxation policy, Kennedy created 1.2 million jobs per year in office; Bush was losing 700,000 jobs a month his last year.

The economy added ten million jobs under Jimmy Carter despite high inflation; Carter ranks first in job creation next to Clinton, during just four years in office. Carter also reduced government spending as a percentage of GDP.

Truman's second term saw the fastest GDP growth and the sharpest reduction in unemployment of any president surveyed (of course, FDR's post Hoover-depression New Deal jobs are first).


George W. Bush created only three million jobs in eight years - the slowest rate of job creation since the government began keeping records. In addition, he added four trillion dollars to the deficit and left office with the nation in a financial crisis that lead to the deepest recession since the Great Depression.

Ronald Reagan focused on reducing the cost of capital through cutting tax bracket highs for the rich, and reducing the size and scope of government. But, instead of lowering spending, Reagan shifted money to the military (i.e. Star Wars) and the deficit tripled with the tax cuts and military spending - as under Bush II. On November 16, Rachel Maddow pointed out that of the most recent five presidents, Reagan actually increased the national deficit by the largest percentage, 186 percent - destroying the myth about Republican fiscal responsibility.

Under Gerald Ford, the deficit soared and the unemployment rate grew from 5.3 to 8.3 percent in just two and one-half years. His "WIN" (Whip Inflation Now) buttons were no match for economic inactivity.

It was under Richard Nixon that inflation started to spiral out of control, from 4.4 percent to 8.6 percent, and the deficit shot up from $2.8 billion to $73.7 billion.

The Eisenhower years were characterized by slow growth (2.27 percent annualized GDP growth) and relatively high unemployment (7.7 percent at end of term).

George H. W. Bush had the poorest record for both GDP and income growth. During his single term, the deficit ballooned (from $152 billion to $255 billion), more than under every president but his son and Ford.

(Sources: White House Office of Management and Budget, US Department of Labor and White House Council of Economic Advisors)

Sept. 29, 2010
letter to the editor, Anderson Independent:
Aug. 14, 2010
Sign in Ohare Airport Chicago


Aug. 6, 2010
Elena Kagen is approved for the Supreme Court.

A pattern has emerged:

Bush nominated 2 for the court:
John Roberts and Samuel Alito

Obama has nominated 2 for the court:
Sonia Satomayor and Elena Kagen

2 males by Bush, 2 females by Obama
President Bush couldn't find a public library.
President Obama can find his way around even a law library.

June 25, 2010

Today Clemson, a State Supported University, announced a 7.5% increase for in-state students and a 4.2% increase for out of state students.  Only the most rich in the state can hope for an education there!

Gas is selling at $2.72 here today - it should be $5.00 as maybe then the population would get serious about energy conservation.  

I was asked yesterday by a friend in Sweden, "why is a British company even drilling off the shore of the United States? "  It does make you wonder what would happen if we drilled off the shore of Iran.

What is the average travel distance to a Walmart?  We used to be able to walk to stores to get food.  The rest of the world still can, but we go get in our oversize and overpowered gas guzzling cars and drive 30 minutes buring up the worlds resources to get a gallon of milk. In doing so, we probably burn 3 gallons of gasoline.

We know who was "the greatest generation" - but we'll be forever known as "the dumbest generation" and our grandchildren will ask "what were they thinking?"  The only answer is "they wern't!"

People don't like Obama - well, I didn't like GW so that's OK.  But, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that we as a society are too dumb to realize we can't have everything.  But since we want everything, and we want everything at a low price, and since we feel our way of life is the only way of life, we will always just complain that it is the Government's fault, and keep changing "leaders" so we can continue to blame them!
It can't be "our fault" - or can it?


Barack Obama's Accomplishments:

Was elected - against all odds.

Married Michelle - an act of genius :o)
(an active First Lady - focuses on child obesity)

Kept the US from financial meltdown
(honestly that effort was started by GW Bush)

Certainly helped keep the world from financial meltdown

Announced disengagement program for Iraq

Universal Health Care - George H. W. Bush's dream
(We begin to join the rest of the developed world in this area)

Responsible oil and gas exploration
(not 'drill baby drill')

1/3 nuclear weapon reduction with Russia
(Reagan could have achieved total elimination of nuclears with Gorbachev :o(

Finally - good milage goals for auto's
(35.5 by 2016 - getting closer to Europe's today standards :o(

Nuclear Summit in DC to safeguard Nuclear Material

That's just in 15 months - more to come:

However - the discussions are too strong!

From "The Herald Press", Harvey ND, Feb. 6 2010 - reality!