Charles Matthews

April 4, 1920 - August 8, 2010

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Now, to see if we can follow his genealogial lineage!
In the 1930 Census, the last name has only 1 "t", Charles is 10, Ruth is 10/12,
mother is Wallie and her parents were born in Sweden!

Heading for census - date of census April 14, 1030:
Mathews detail:

-----------------   1920 Census  --------------
New York > Kings > Brooklyn Assembly District 21 > District 1368 :
Here, Charles A is 20, and living with parents Charles and Mary!

The following is the full line of that census - note that Charles, born 1872, was born in New York,
and parents were both born in Ireland:

The right side shows occupations:
Charles, born 1900, was at this time a Telephone Co. Splicer, and his father was a City Policeman.
But on the same page  is another Matthews!
Right columns give date of immigration of 1867 (together?) and marriage of 1874
First child Allen was born in Ireland, Charles F (1872) in America 2 years before the parents were citizens
I am assuming that Allen is a brother of Charles who had left home at that point, and the common father was Owen
but that should be verifiable from an earlier census I hope!

Occupations - Owen=none, Allen=retired, Susan=retired, Leo=none:
1910 Census -
New York > Kings > Brooklyn Ward 30 > District 1061 > 18
This is not making sense - in 1910 Owen is still in the census, same family, and no Charles who should have been 10.

OK - got it now - down further on the page is another Matthews and the family continues on the next page:

---------------------   1900 census -----------------
Didn't find yet -

1880 Census
New York > Kings > Brooklyn > District 73 > 13

That is Charles F (1872-1873)!

OK - taking a break now for a bit!
Information received from Caryl:
I am looking at Dadís baptismal certificate that has his parentsí name on it.  Grampa was listed as Charles August Matthews and Gramma was Walborg Holm. She signed her name as Wallie and that is what everyone knew her by. I always thought Grampaís middle name was Augustus.  The copy of Dadís birth certificate lists only a male Matthews born 4-4-1920.  Place of birth was 307 2nd Ave Manhattan.  His parents lived at 238 7 Ave. Astoria, Long Island, New York.  There is a note in Grammaís handwriting that says the birth certificate was issued before they named him Charles and that is why his birth certificate only lists Matthews as the name.  This note was written 8/16/1937.  Youíll need to change Arthur from Gampaís name or else Arthur is someone else.  Being the great detective you are, I am sure you will find out the facts.
Now, to look for Walborg Holm!
Caryl said she had siblings of Ida, Bob, and Ed - and here they are in the 1930 census!
New York > Queens > Queens (Districts 1-250) > District 212 > 20
Census page date is April 9, 1930

1910 Census:
New York > Queens > Queens Ward 1 > District 1159 > 18
Walborg is listed as "S" for "Son"

I do not find John Holm in the 1900 census.