We previously hosted the website for the group "Faded Footprints of Families and Friends of the Lake Russell WMA" - also known as the 4 F's.

Over the years, I had wished that the website domain name would have been one of my name, with a subdirectory for LRWMA, and other sub directories for other projects and activities with which I have been involved. It made little sense for the site for the Hendricks MN project to be under or for our personal site to be also a sub-directory of  

In October, 2008, I cancelled the domanin name of and started

Unfortunately, while making the change through a phone conversation I had with the company that hosts the domain, the domain and files were released before I realized that was going to happen and as such, I lost many of the documents within the domain.  Those documents and photos that were built into the design of the LRWMA site were on my local PC and the site has been restored as well as possible.  Many of the sub-documents may still be in my machine, but until someone tells me of a broken link that they wish was still available, I just don't know precisely what is missing.  If notified, I will do all I can to recover missing documents.

Click on the link below for the pages as restored now under