Chain Emails
If you know me, you know that my biggest frustration is with being forwarded by false chain emails. What makes me more frustrated is that people who forward the emails, when shown that they are false, do not correct their misrepresentation by rescinding the emails, they just continue to forward such misinformation.

A good friend who does this so often replied to my question as to why he continues when so many sites can be visited to easily validate any of the emails before blindly sending them on.  His response:

"Jim, we have had this discussion before. How do you know that Snopes is telling the truth? They are just a site with people like you and me and no one knows if they really know the truth or tell the truth when they do know it. Why should I trust Snopes any more than I trust the people who sent the e-mail in the first place."

The answer to his question is easy - Snopes, Truthorfiction, and Politifact all provide back-up data for their positions so if you feel they are wrong, do more research and prove they are wrong before forwarding such emails.  But clicking "forward" is so much easier than trying to be truthful I guess!

I believe that deep down, we all are subject to any inference that we are on the right track, that we are somehow more often correct than others, and it leads us to accept those ideas we think are so correct.  Adolph Hitler was great at this as he told the German population that they were truly the Master Race and should lead the world. So many accepted the praise that they even committed atrocities with the feeling that they were actually helping society and making a better world.

The Sunni's think they are better than the Shiite, Christians think they are better than Muslims, Jewish believe they are better than Muslims, and too often, Americans believe they are better than anyone.

There are no lines at the Pearly Gates for each of those groups - we all line up together.

If you send me a chain email, I will check it for validity and will never forward anything known to be false and I challenge all to do the same.