I love to read and mostly (believe it or not) novels.  But I also try to better understand some of the issues of the day.  Below are some books that might be of interest.

Come Home, America by William Greider - wow - not written to favor any political party, but to open some eyes. What caused the financial mess (Federal Reserve Policy) is discussed early on but then it gets into "globalization" - and I believe that I and most of us were duped!  Here are 3 pages:

The Tyranny of Dead Ideas "Letting go of the old ways of thinking to unleash a new prosperity" by Matt Miller.  The book is a short 246 pages much of which explains how we got to where we are, but then also offers some thoughts about how to resolve or better solve issues.  The links below contain some pages on certain subjects of the book presented as a slide show:


                     Last 26 pages

Newspaper articles:

                Taxes - Congressional record, June 24, 1882 as reported in the Toccoa News, July 1, 1882
                                    (Things don't change much do they!)

And this was in the adjacent column: